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Parental feedback

Below are some of the comments and feedback that we have received from parents and carers over the last two years. If you would like to offer your feedback please either put a note in your child's homeschool diary or email

Hi Caroline and Katie, it’s J, E’s Mum.


E’s review this morning was, as always, wonderful.  We cannot believe it is his last one.  To hear all the lovely comments about him and to hear about his achievements makes us very proud.  We will always celebrate his time at Millwood, he has grown and achieved so much. 


I was as you could see a bit emotional (nothing new I know), and we didn’t get the chance to say our thanks properly to you.  So Caroline & Katie, thank you to you both and everyone at Millwood who has been involved with E’s education for the last seven years.  E has had the time of his life at Millwood.  From day one he has embraced everything about his school, and has thrown himself into everything that has come his way.  And all along the way he has been encouraged and supported by the best team of people we could ever have wished for, and for that we will always be grateful. 


E has made some fabulous friendships along the way and hopefully these will continue, along with new friendships yet to be made.  Knowing E it won’t be long before he is cracking jokes for his new class friends

Dear Millwood School,

My husband and I would like to thank all the dedicated staff for their support over the years with G. Tears are rolling down my face as I write this letter to you all, whilst reminiscing about the past 7 years. 

From Emily in Reception and Year 1, Anne in Year 2, Rachel in Year 3 and Katie in Years 4, 5 & 6. G has received the best special education a child can receive. He has been allowed to learn and grow at a pace that he is comfortable with. His knowledge and love of learning has been expanded by new tasks and activities (particularly science). His social skills and abilities have been allowed to mature at a rate that we never thought was possible!

G has also been part of the wider Millwood community; from singing and signing, football, appearing on Cbeebies (twice!) to joining in with trips and activities at the Etihad! As a parent, watching your child grow, we cannot begin to express the feeling of joy and happiness, which has overwhelmed us.

From the moment G received his diagnosis, when he was 3 years old, we knew that Millwood would be the best place for his nurture and growth. You have exceeded our expectations!

Thank you to the wonderful management staff who have allowed these extra curricula activities to take place and allowing Millwood to be a safe and happy learning environment.

Thank you to the teaching assistants and support assistants who have also been there, at the forefront of George's educational experience.

We are sure that G's educational experiences will expand further as he enters adolescence and reaches adulthood, but, without your input, G would not be where he is today. Millwood has been the nutrients and sunlight to the seed that he once was.

Thank you!


I am emailing to show my appreciation to the wonderful staff in Whitelow 2.

Since G has joined Millwood, I have felt nothing but supported, listened to and respected as a parent. G adores his school and wonderful teachers.

Whenever I have had a problem (and I've had lots) the staff are quick to help and support us as a family.

On Friday I spoke briefly to Alison about some of G's behaviours that I am finding quite challenging at the moment. Within a couple of hours, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very detailed email from Catherine, not only acknowledging my concerns but also offering lots of practical advice and support.

The staff go above and beyond at Millwood, getting to know the family and showing genuine regard. We feel fortunate that G attends such a great school.

Thank you all for the hard work

I am feeling so emotional that I don't know how to write what I am feeling apart from this, people like you lovelies make this world a better place! Thank you so much for your huge presence and contribution in our special kids life! I am indebted for life!

Good Morning,

Well what can I say to the best team in the world? How will thank you ever be enough?

You have given my little boy an absolutely fabulous year, full of fun, learning and development-he is like a different little boy and you have absolutely helped him to bloom.

For me, my priorities for my A are; safety, happiness and contentment- everything else is a bonus. Well, he has experienced so much more than I ever could have ever hoped- and I thank each and every one of you.

Hayley, thank you for giving me the tools I need to communicate with him, the pictures work so well and we will use them daily/ hourly.

Anyway- I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing summer holidays- lots of sun! Recharge your batteries ready for the lucky kids who need your help next year!

If I could pick a team to support my A forever- I would absolutely choose you four!

What a truly wonderful, amazing evening we had this evening at the MEN watching your choir perform. We felt honoured and privileged to have been apart of this wonderful experience that was offered to your children.
A massive thank you to all the staff who definitely went above and beyond tonight! You should be very proud of each and everyone one of them and in the words of L “ he had the best day EVER!!!”
Please pass on our huge appreciation to Katie, Shirley, Lisa,Emily, Steph, Jackie, Jackie and Beckie