School Street, Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, M26 3BW

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School Business Manager- Chair of Governors Debi Walker

Millwood Primary Special School, Bury

Story time with Millwood

See some of your friends from Millwood reading your favourite stories.

When we can't hug with Louise

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Angela

Episode 2 from Joanne's Thomas the Tank Engine adventures 

Monkey Puzzle with Louise

The Three Little Pigs with Andrea

Hello from the Irwell 4 Team

The Family Book with Lucy

Thomas The Tank Engine with Joanne

Alice in Wonderland- with Angela

Three Little Guinea Pigs with Hayley

Katie's Seaside Story

The Little Red Hen- with Bernie 

Soggy Greens Poem- Read by Margaret

I like cabbage poem - Read by Margaret

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Twinkle, Twinkle Chocolate Bar Poem- Read by Margaret

Dog Talk Poem- Read by Margaret

Barry the fish with fingers- with Dina

Superworm with Sadie

A tour of Millwood with Katy

Easter egg hunt with Katy and Hannah

How to wash your hands- with Katy and Hannah

That's not my lion- with Hayley

That's not my fairy- Hayley

That's not my mermaid- with Hayley

The Highway Rat Part 1- Read by Katy

The Highway Rat - Part 2