School Street, Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, M26 3BW

0161 724 2266

School Business Manager- Chair of Governors Debi Walker

Millwood Primary Special School, Bury

Singalong with Millwood

Songs with your friends from Millwood

Sing a rainbow with Lisa

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Becky signing ' You've Got A Friend In Me' 

Baby Shark with Lisa

Hello song- with Jill

Mighty, mighty Millwood!

Hide your.... with Eleanor

The Grand Old Duke of York- with Eleanor

We can do anything!- With Eleanor

The tickle song- with Eleanor

Going up and going down- with Eleanor

Days of the week with Zuzana

Who is in our circle today? With Zuzana.

What's the weather like today? With Zuzana

Who is here today? With Zuzana

Sing the Rainbow with Katy