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School Business Manager- Chair of Governors Debi Walker

Millwood Primary Special School, Bury

Recovery Curriculum


As we slowly move out of lockdown children are gradually returning to school.  We all have dealt with a huge change to our normal lifestyles, and it is going to take time and patience to find our new normal.

At Millwood we are putting together a Recovery Curriculum to reflect the needs of our children as they return. 

Throughout lockdown our children will have at some point experienced some of the 5 losses stated below.

  • 1.Loss of routine
  • 2. Loss of structure
  • 3. Loss of friendship
  • 4. Loss of opportunity
  • 5. Loss of freedom

 With these losses in mind, our focus as children return is re- building relationships, trust, confidence and the Millwood community. 

As educators academic achievement is important to us, HOWEVER without addressing what we have all been through we will not be able to move forward in the long term.

Some children will bounce back quicker than others and this will be reflected in activities and the support that each individual will be given. 

Therefore our curriculum may be a little different as children return, but delivered with sensitivity, care, thought and above all a huge sense of fun and enjoyment. 


The Three Little Pigs- Sensory Story 

The Scarecrow's Wedding-Sensory Story

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?- Sensory Story

The dinosaur that pooped a planet- Sensory Story

Recovery Curriculum Week Beginning 01-07-2020

Recovery Curriculum Week Beginning 29-06-2020

Our Butterfly Wall


Choose a butterfly for our wall,

To welcome back one and all,

Find a gap and place it there,

Then our wall won't look so bare,

Each and every one of you has a butterfly to place,

So keep an eye out for a missing space,

Once the trail has no loose ends,

We've welcomed back our Millwood friends,

Let's celebrate, our friends are here,

And unite with a mighty Millwood cheer!