Ethos and Values

We believe in: happiness, friendship, sharing, kindness, beauty, creativity, expression, interaction, tradition, innovation, persistence, excellence, skill, enjoyment, achievement, equality, truth, fairness, respect, inclusion, belonging and love.



  1. We will ensure that each child feels safe and secure in a stable school environment.
  2. We will create a sanctuary of learning, enshrining respect for each individual child.
  3. We will always act in each child’s best interests without fear or favour.
  4. We will teach and encourage each child to respect all other people, all living things and the planet Earth on which we live.
  5. Taking as our starting point the child’s needs, aspirations and goals, we will remove barriers to learning for each child.
  6. We will value each child and promote safe learning partnerships which are key to early learning and development.
  7. We will provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum for each child underpinned by communication and independence.
  8. We will continue to provide a myriad of memorable experiences to thrill and inspire each child to ensure a life-long love of learning.
  9. We will celebrate each child’s progress and achievement.
  10. We will encourage each child to fulfil their full and unique potential.

18-01-18  HCC