2019- 2020 Gallery

Redvales 3 Visit to Radcliffe Library

On Wednesday 22nd January, Redvales 3 went to the library. The enjoyed listening to a story and exploring the books independently. sarah, who works at the library, was blown away by their love of reading and sent over some feedback to school. Well done Redvales 3 for being such super reading ambassadors in the community!

Kindness Day 

On Monday 27th January, Millwood School will be taking part in Kindness Day. We are some of exciting activities that we are going to be doing.

Staff Communication Training

It's not just the children who are dedicated learners, the staff are always keen to learn and improve their skills. On Thursday 16th January, Louise and Shirley led a signalong training session after school. 

Manchester City FC Family Cooking Session

On Thursday 16th January, parents and carers joined their children to prepare and cook delicious vegetable soup. They learnt about healthy food choices, how to prepare food safely and best of all they were able to take their soup home to share with the rest of their family. Look at how much the children (and adults) enjoyed this session.

Big Me Day!

On Thursday 16th January we dressed up as what we want to be when we grow up. Millwood was full of doctors, builders, scientists, software designers and many other exciting careers. The children had a wonderful time exploring their ambitions, all while raising money for ActionAid.

Visit to Radcliffe Library

On Tuesday 16th January children from Whitelow 1 and Whitelow 5 continued to develop their love of reading through a visit to the local library. The children enjoyed listening to a story and exploring the books independently.

Christmas presents from Sambro

 On Friday 20th December we had some very special guests come to visit us. Bury FC legend Lenny Johnrose and Macclesfield Town FC player Adam Dawson. They gave out toys for all of the children that had kindly been donated by Sambro. 

Singing and Signing Choir at Asda Radcliffe

On Thursday 19th December children from our singing and signing choir went to perform at Asda Radcliffe. We drew quite a crowd who were all impressed by our beautiful singing and our amazing signing. Thank you to Asda for inviting us to perform.

Santa Parade 2019

On Wednesday 18th December, we had a very special visitor! Santa took time out of his hectic schedule to come and see the children at Millwood on his sleigh. The children were delighted to see their very special visitor, he even hinted that he might be back again before the end of term.

Millwood Christmas Dinner 2019

On Tuesday 17th December, the children and staff enjoyed their annual Christmas dinner. All of the children made their own place settings, place mats and decorated a Christmas hat. They enjoyed their Christmas dinner whilst listening to Christmas songs and pulling crackers with their friends. Have a look at the wonderful photographs!

Millwood Christmas Performance 2019- The Ordinary Ox

This year we had three performances of our Christmas show and it was the biggest and best one to date! The singing, dancing and acting was outstanding! The support from families, friends and the local community was amazing, there wasn't a dry eye in the house by the end of each of the performances. Well done to everyone involved.

Children's Adventure Farm Trust

On Thursday 5th December, children from Redvales 1, Redvales 4 and Whitelow 2 went on a trip to Children's Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT). We had an amazing time - we had fun in the sports hall playing games, and in the sensory room looking at the lights. Some of us went to see the animals, and after our party lunch we saw some Christmas characters. It even snowed for us! (via a snow machine!) Then finally, we each went to see Father Christmas, who gave us some beautiful presents. All in all we had a fantastic time!

Christmas Fair 2019

 Our annual Christmas fair was a huge success and enjoyed by parents, carers, families, staff and children alike. We raised over £1,700 for school. Thank you to everyone who supported us by attending, donating raffle prizes or buying raffle tickets before the event.

Christmas Lights 2019

On Monday 4th December we switched on our Christmas lights. We enjoyed performances from our singing and signing choir and were joined by Bury FC legend Lenny Johnrose and lifelong fan of the club Kenny Hindle. Our guests of honour switched on the Christmas lights to the delight of all of the children.

International Children's Day

This week we celebrated International Children's Day. As part of our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School, we asked the children how they wanted to celebrate. They had some wonderful ideas including massage, sensory play and even getting their nails painted. Have a look at the wonderful photographs.

Children in Need 2019

Thank you so much for your kind donations to Children in Need, we raised over £100! The children have had great fun in their spotty and colourful clothes whilst helping children all over the United Kingdom.

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

This week has been anti-bullying week at Millwood. The children have been thinking about what makes a good friend and they have visited different classes around school to meet new friends. It has been a real success, take a look at some of the amazing pictures below.

Parliament Week

As part of parliament week the children in Redvales 4 have been voting in their history lessons. They learnt about why we wear poppies and why some people wear red ones and some people wear white ones. The children then voted by choosing either a white or red poppy.

A Visit from the Mayor of Bury

This week we had a very exciting visitor at our school council meeting- the Mayor of Bury, Trevor Holt. We asked him lots of questions about his role and we taught him how to sign hello!

Interfaith Week 28.10.19-01.11.19

This week we worked together to celebrate inspirational people.  We explored diversity and how their dreams brought about a positive change in our world. Each class created a canvas to commemorate the lives and work of Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalia Lama, who achieved many great things and who made a great difference to the lives of others.We enjoyed participating in numerous activities e.g. following in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi’s historical Salt Walk and a pilgrimage focusing on the Stations of the Cross. We designed and made creative artefacts e.g. lotus flowers, Dharma wheels, Mandala sand paintings, charkha, three wise monkeys, dream clouds, peace wreaths, floral tributes, doves and remembrance plaque’s helping us to remember to be shining lights in our world.

World Mental Health Day 10.10.19- We thought about and did things that make us happy and designed some brilliant posters. Take a look at our wonderful work!

World Mental Health Day 10.10.19- We thought about and did things that make us happy and designed some brilliant posters. Take a look at our wonderful work!

Macmillan Coffee Morning 27.09.19- The School Council did a wonderful job of selling cakes to all of their friends!