Welcome from the Headteacher

Helen Chadwick





Our whole school target is


Sharing Best Practice



Our recent OFSTED report dated 20th and 21st February 2013, states:




"This is an outstanding school."




All areas were judged to be OUTSTANDING



Welcome to Millwood. We look forward to working with you! We educate and look after children who have very complex medical needs; severe learning difficulties and delays; autism; challenging behaviour; epilepsy; communication difficulties; sensory and multi- sensory impairments.

The education, medical and therapy staff at Millwood are experienced, well-qualified, highly trained people who are committed to helping your child develop, achieve and excel. We value your child as an individual and we aim to provide a holistic approach to your child's learning and care. We teach children through the National Curriculum and we further extend children's skills, understanding and knowledge through the Millwood Curriculum. A moderated and rigorous assessment process will enable you to track your child's progress year on year. We aim to give your child opportunities to shine. We aim to support you when times are difficult, and to help you celebrate your child's successes.

We keep you up-to-date through the website and the weekly Newsletter, a daily home/school diary or report and a text messaging service in emergencies. 

The Millwood Curriculum is a live document and is stored on the Millwood School shared
drive. The outline of the curriculum requirements are outlined over the two year plan
and the detailed content is updated half termly to reflect the needs of individual pupils
and classes. Curriculum resources are stored electronically and updated when
resources are made and shared. Subject schemes of work are also available for staff
to refer to when planning each half term.